All the framing at Lizzy B’s is custom framing. You won’t find any ready-made frames, therefore no limits of “standard sizes”. Each piece of art and its unique qualities are considered, and framing components chosen that suit the piece. We have over 500 frame corner samples on our showroom wall, as well as matboard choices that span the offerings of three manufacturers. Whether your taste is sleek and contemporary, rustic, classical ornate, kinda funky or anything in between — maybe even a hybrid of styles — we’ll work together to find a design you love.

Most custom frames will feature a frame, glass, mats, backing material, hanging hardware, finishing materials, and the labour of putting it all together. You bring me art, I produce something ready to hang on the wall. These components are chosen at design consultation with framer, Anika. (See Contact page for hours.)

What can you bring to frame? The answer is just about anything! The following is a list of items that can be framed, but don’t feel limited! Anika is very good at “outside the box” approaches and can help you with a plan to frame even the most out-there items!

  • Needle art (cross stitch, petit-point, embroidery, etc)
  • Art prints
  • Paintings (on canvas or paper)
  • Photographs
  • Posters
  • Certificates and Diplomas
  • Jerseys
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Heirlooms
  • Maps
  • Mirrors
  • Collages & Paper tole
  • Shadowboxes

Other services include:

  • Drymounting
  • Plaquemount & Floatmount
  • Needlework Stretching
  • Canvas stretching
  • Any custom framing service “à la carte” (e.g., cut mats, cut glass, frame only) and retrofits.
  • Oval/circle glass and convex glass (also called “bubble glass) – see below
  • Shadow Boxes
  • High-volume orders (See the ARTIST/CORPORATE page for more.)

We have circle and oval frames! Oval frames have become hard to find, but at Lizzy B’s we have a stock of vintage wood oval frames in several fixed sizes. New frames in many shapes, colors, and styles can also be custom ordered, as can convex glass (“bubble glass”).